We ARE Jesus' Church

Our response to COVID-19 Coronavirus - new opportunities for the kingdom

Hebrews 6:19
‘We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.’

Whilst the nation prepares for the expected huge pressure on our health service and we adopt a national position most like wartime, we have the opportunity to draw on the faithfulness of our Father as we trust him for our own families, friends and communities. Fear of the present threats presented to us and anxieties for the future can only be swallowed up in the love of his presence and the hope we have in Father’s faithfulness. He is greater than everything and anything we may be facing.

In this coming season, we get the opportunity to serve with power and wisdom. What we mean is that whilst fear and anxiety can often bring out the worst in people, we get to shine with hope, peace and love. God in us, the indwelling Holy Spirit, which is so distinctive and we get to radiate his light to our friends, families and the authorities around us. Jesus is no longer the light of the world (John 9:5), WE are. More than that, as we serve in love, God will give us extraordinary and creative solutions to what people are struggling with and he will give us his power and presence to do things no-one else can do. This is the power of Jesus’ church, his ‘Ekklesia’, his body here on earth. This suffering of our nation is from the enemy but I believe can be used by our heavenly Father for great opportunity for his kingdom. When the lights dim on a stage the spotlight becomes the centre of attention.

In this next season we will be meeting online on Sundays and during the week connecting online and by phone as smaller groups. We all need to take responsibility to connect with one another, pray with and love each other well. We will be following our governments guidance throughout this whole period which will mean business as usual is on pause and a new template will emerge. Because we ARE Jesus’ church I believe God will use us powerfully and give us ways to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our society around us. Just as in the Bible in times of difficulty, times when we have to depend more on God, we are believing the opposite of what we might think, we’re expecting to expand, growing in maturity and in number throughout this time. More than that we will see the transformation, the infrastructure overhaul, the economy revitalisation that we have been believing God for emerge from what remains. Our Father specialises in the impossible, not the probable or possible.

You can find a growing number of resources on our online resource page here or our social media accounts. You can make sure you are registered here as a member of our website in order to access the Sunday service here.

If there is any way we can serve you practically or pray for you please ask by either by contacting the office here or by using our social media - Facebook or Instagram.

Praying richest God’s blessing on you, your family, your community, and our cities and region. Blessing always triumphs over a curse!

Genesis 12:3
‘and all peoples (families) on earth will be blessed through you.’