Welcome to our re-launch for Adopt Your Street

We are going to put pins in the map and adopt three areas each.  These are our home street, the place that we work (or visit most days), and we are going to all adopt an area in Sulgrave once again.  For this you can either use the same street as you previously had or you can take another one if you wish.

Please click HERE to go to a form where you can input the three streets (areas) you wish to adopt.  

Be aware that it may take 2-3 days for your streets to be tagged onto the map below.  You will notice though that you can use your mouse to zoom in / out of the map and can move it around to look at other areas.  
Clicking on a pin will tell you the address logged there.

You can move the map around with your mouse and zoom in to it for more detail.
Click on any marker and it will tell you the street name.

By default the map will show you all the pins we have available at this time - however if you wish there is  a little rectangular shape with an arrow in the top left hand corner of the map border.  If you click on this you can then unselect different section if you just say want to view the Sulgrave markers, or just peoples home markers.

Any problems then give us a shout in the office and we will sort you out.

To join this initiative simply click here to go to the form.  Please note that you only need to fill it in once!